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Rescue Program

Rescue Program

During a General Membership meeting a number of years ago, the GRCH members viewed a video of a Golden rescue operation by a sister club on the East Coast.  When the video ended, there were few dry eyes in the room.  The club members decided that part of the GRCH mission should include rescue and adoption to ensure that every Golden in Hawaii has a life of dignity, respect and love. 
As situations change, some owners are no longer able to provide that for their Goldens.  GRCH assists these people by having their Golden released to the club for placement in homes that can provide stability and love for the rest of their lives. 
Goldens available for adoption are seen by a veterinarian who does a complete examination and, if the dog's medical history is not verified, updates vaccinations, performs heartworm testing, treats minor ailments such as ear infections as well as starting flea and tick and heartworm prevention if appropriate.  The goal is to ensure that each Golden is healthy when placed with the new adoptive family.  However, since many rescued Goldens come with an unknown history, their temperament and entire well-being cannot be guaranteed. 
To place a golden:
If you wish to place a Golden, you may send an email to
Lei Taft and we will follow up to assist you as best we can.

To adopt a golden:
1. If you wish to be considered to adopt a Golden, please fill out the application form found here.
(To download the form, hold 'alt' or 'option' key down, then click on the link)
Print the completed form and eMail to
Barbara Krasniewski.  (

2. Alternately, you can mail the completed application to:

Barbara Krasniewski
124 Kuulei Rd
Kailua, HI 96734

A General Release shall be physically signed and $100 Adoption Donation paid at the time of adoption.  The GRCH rescue program is committed to providing the very best home for each Golden in our care.