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During a General Membership meeting six years ago, the GRCH members were treated to a video of a Golden rescue operation by a sister club on the east coast.  When the video ended, there were few dry eyes in the room.  While we realized that Hawai'i didn't have the available space to foster Goldens until a permanent home could be found, we felt that we should do whatever we could.

Our first opportunity occurred when we learned of a very sweet Golden at the local Humane Society that was not getting adopted because she had heartworm.  Through the contributions of our entire membership, we raised enough money to have the dog treated and ultimately find a good home.  This was the beginning of our rescue operation that has been funded with the help of a membership which has grown in six years from about 20 to 70 members.

GRCH assists people trying to find homes for Goldens they can no longer keep and places them in homes that will provide love and stability for these wonderful dogs.  For the dog's safety, we do prefer that the home has a fenced yard.  If the dog has no medical history or has not been properly cared for, the club, with the assistance of local Veterinarian, has a complete workup done on the dog and vaccinations updated.  We do our best to ensure that the dog is healthy when placed in the new home. However, since many rescue dogs come with unknown history, we cannot guarantee their entire well being or temperament.  But every Golden deserves a life of love and dignity.  We try to provide that.

If wish to place or adopt a Golden, you may reach us through our Contact Page.  Simply select the appropriate topic, fill in the necessary information and click submit.  We will do whatever we can to assist you.  If you wish to adopt a Golden, the terms of the General Release must be agreed to and an Adoption Application filled out and submitted online.  The General Release shall be physically signed prior to actual adoption.


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